Colorado special districts are local governments and subdivisions of the State of Colorado- just like cities, towns and counties. Special districts are formed to provide necessary public services and facilities that, for a variety of reasons, cities, towns and counties cannot.

Flying Horse Metropolitan District No. 1 is the managing district and performs all management and administrative functions for the three districts. Flying Horse Metropolitan District No. 2 encompasses the residential properties and Flying Horse Metropolitan District No. 3 primarily encompasses the commercial properties.

Pursuant to the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions and Easements for Flying Horse Residential, the districts are responsible for the design, construction and financing of municipal improvements such as roads, water lines, sewer lines, and park and recreation amenities. Districts 2 and 3, pursuant to an intergovernmental agreement, are obligated to certify mill levies and issue debt as the same is required to finance improvements as determined by District 1.

Properties within Districts 2 and 3 are subject to various fees and/or mill levies including the present mill levy of 43.224 mills (District 2) and 41.653 mills (District 3). The mill levy may be increased in the future pursuant to City procedures and policies. Mill levies may increase as a result of a change in the residential and/or commercial assessment ratio.

The District may impose fees on Property Owners for services rendered. Colorado Law authorizes Special Districts to adopt and change fees and to impose property taxes for activities identified in the service plan.

You can access the Flying Horse Metropolitan District’s website here.