The Flying Horse Community Area is served by three Metro Districts:

  • Metro District #1 – management, operations and maintenance
  • Metro District #2 – bonding entity for residential properties
  • Metro District #3 – bonding entity for commercial properties

Hammersmith Management, Inc., the Flying Horse Homeowners Association (FHHOA) managing agent, also manages the operations and maintenance (O&M) of Metro District #1.  Currently, community landscape (Tracts) maintenance is managed by the developer and Hammersmith for Barefoot Park, Angel Mist Park, Frog’s Leap Park, Lizard Leap Park, and the landscape parkways and medians along State Hwy 83, Rollercoaster Road, Old Northgate Road, Northgate Blvd. and Silverton Road — around the perimeter of filing #7 (Solera) and filing #9 (Syrah) and more areas within the FH Community.  The interior open space common areas, including postal kiosks, are owned by District #1 and maintained through the FHHOA budget.

District O&M expenses are paid through residential property tax (35 mil cap).  Operations and reserves of the FHHOA are funded through the Common Assessment (billed quarterly by the management office).

For more District information, contact HOA Management.

For information about reservations and use of Barefoot Park, Angel Mist Park, Frog’s Leap Park, or Lizard Leap Park, please contact HOA Management.